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Innovative Technology

Unmet Clinical Need

Neoolife is leading the advancement of tissue-engineered Biomimetic Heart Valves (BMHV) with polymeric scaffolds enabling endogenous heart-valve tissue regeneration. We are dedicated to patients in need of heart valve replacement and repair by offering them an innovative valve tissue that is durable, non-thrombogenic, and resistant to calcification.


At the present stage, the most used prosthetic heart valves are either made of metal or animal-derived tissue. These valves present significant limitations affecting their long-term durability. Patients are required to take life-long anti-coagulation with blood-thinning drugs. For this reason, they are exposed to a continuous risk of experiencing bleeding, valve thrombosis, and thromboembolism (a clot that is dislodged into patients’ organs, i.e., the brain). Moreover, both valves can undergo degeneration leading to valve dysfunction and reoperation. These drawbacks impact negatively upon patients’ quality of life, increasing their morbidity and mortality.


These limitations have remained unsolved, mainly because there have been no fundamental improvements in prosthetic heart valve materials in the last decades. In this context, we aim to replace mechanical and animal-derived tissue valves with our polymeric tissue-engineered Biomimetic Heart Valves designed to have an extended duration by enabling endogenous tissue regeneration.


There is a pressing demand from clinicians to broaden the already successful application of Transcatheter Heart Valve (THV) technology currently limited by valve durability. Neoolife tissue-engineered Biomimetic Heart Valves will fundamentally change the performance of THV systems. The extended durability of our tissue will overcome the limitations of animal-derived material. Moreover, our polymeric tissue-engineered Biomimetic Heart Valves can be crimped in true ultra-low profile catheters, and for further ease of use, pre-loaded and dry-stored. Neoolife tissue-engineered Biomimetic Heart Valves provide a technological solution to the clinicians’ demands of enlarging the pool of patients that can benefit from Transcatheter Heart Valve Therapy.

Double Component Deposition (DCD)

Neoolife introduces a novel electrodeposition process, called Double Component Deposition (DCD), to create engineered biomimetic polymeric scaffolds for Cardiovascular Therapy (no stem cells, no cell culture, no animal-derived tissues). Once implanted, this polymeric tissue is progressively populated with the patient’s native tissue (endogenous in situ tissue regeneration).


This technology allows us to:


  • Produce polymeric scaffolds that mimic the structure and function of human heart-valve tissue (aortic, mitral, pulmonary, and tricuspid);
  • Produce polymeric scaffolds that promote the intracardiac regeneration of new living tissue, with extended durability and resistance to thrombosis and calcification.


Using this innovative technology, Neoolife will:


  • Manufacture polymeric tissue-engineered Biomimetic Patches to repair human heart valves and intracardiac defects;
  • Manufacture polymeric tissue-engineered Biomimetic Heart Valves for percutaneous and surgical implantation.



Caution: Neoolife products are in the R&D development and pre-clinical phase. They are NOT approved or cleared by the FDA or any other regulatory body in any region of the world.

Selected Publications