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Re-Imagining Heart Valve Therapy.

Neoolife is pioneering and leading the field, of tissue-engineered Biomimetic Heart Valves (BMHV) with polymeric scaffolds enabling endogenous in-situ tissue regeneration.

We will replace mechanical and animal-derived tissue valves with tissue-engineered Biomimetic Heart Valves designed to have an extended duration without the need for blood-thinning drugs.

Tissue-engineered Biomimetic Heart Valves provide a technological solution to the clinicians’ demands of enlarging the pool of patients that can benefit from Transcatheter Heart Valve Therapy.

Key Benefits

Non-Animal Derived

Intensive animal farming to support the medical industry is a polluting reservoir for pathogens causing lethal diseases in humans. Our animal-free technology eliminates transmission risks while maintaining supplies security.¹


Neoolife’ s unique polymeric scaffolds mimic the natural structure, shape, size, and function of human heart valves. This biomimicry promotes endogenous tissue regeneration to achieve native living tissue remodeling.

Enhanced clinical performance

Immediately after implantation, Neoolife valves have a function equivalent to native heart valves. Moreover, the endogenous living tissue that populates the scaffold is non-thrombogenic, resistant to calcification, and durable.

Improved efficiency and customization

Neoolife products rely upon a more efficient, scalable, and less costly manufacturing process. Our products are based on consistent and reproducible quality, including robotic technology for a high level of precision and customization.

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